Die kalifornische Institution

I have published on specific aspects of my PhD thesis before, but – finally – the whole thing is out as a book. The title refers to an anecdote by William James, who, after having been invited to Stanford, was told by a friend that he know would soon become acquainted with „that Californian institution“, namely the earthquake. Which he did. I set out to analyze artistic representations of the 1906 disaster in San Francisco, but quickly realized that there was some fundamental work to be done regarding a rather specific aspect: The history of photography around 1900, and the dubious after-life of Pictorialism in later years, which in turn influenced how artistic images of the destroyed city were later re-framed (and reproduced) as documentary images. In this sense, by book is somehow set between media theory, environmental history, and the history of photography. It was published as the first volume of the HfG Karlsruhe’s new book series with arthistoricum.net at Heidelberg University: As open access and as Book on Demand (in German).