“Kunst in Zeiten des disziplinarisch-korporatistischen Komplexes”

In 2014, the employment agency in Karlsruhe sent me to a so-called ‘Maßnahme’ (‘action’, or ‘sanction’) at a so-called ‘Bildungsträger’ (‘education agency’); a rather bizarre affair allegedly meant to help people find a job, but practically just a ruse to palliate the unemployment rates. These ‘sanctions’ are executed by private firms; just one more example for the continuous privatization of functions formerly essential to the nation state itself, next to correction facilities, immigrant detention centers and so on (the often disastrous effects are well known by now). This process is accompanied by a bloating, self-legitimized administrative apparatus. After even the arts have become a subject of these machinations with the introductions of ‘Quality Metrics’ in the UK, I thought of giving a name to this all-pervading and very contemporary development: The disciplinary-corporate complex (article in German).