Habiter la Ville / Leben in der Stadt

One of Karlsruhe’s twin cities is Nancy; having spent about 12 years in Karlsruhe, I guess I still count as a ‘Karlsruher’ despite living in Kassel currently. Thus, Markus Kiefer and I travelled to Nancy as an artist & writer duo for an exchange project on city life – Eric Didym and Jean-Edouard Hasting being the respective French delegation. The resulting project(s) included a video and two photo series that were exhibited in the Orgelfabrik Durlach and the Goethe Institute in Nancy (and as an installation in front of the train station). I also made a little book, “Kleiner Atlas der Lebensformen Karlsruhe / Nancy” with texts & photos. It’s online, but write me if you’re interested in a physical copy!