“Offshore. Eine neue Verortung künstlerischer Appropriation”

What's Next CoverWhat’s Next is a massive tome offering a view on the state of contemporary art, and its possible futures. I was invited to write a new piece for this and contributed some notes on what ‘appropriation’ might mean in today’s art, after the clear cut distinctions between critical art and its objects (i.e., ‘mass culture’ or traditional institutions) cannot longer be upheld in good conscience. ‘Appropriation’, now, must mean the tackling of our own entanglement in the economic and social conditions of artistic production, rather than being posed against something purportedly ‘external’. As an example for this new kind of self-aware appropriation of art’s conditions of production, I have chosen Elmina, a project which is both an art project by UK-based artist Doug Fishbone, and a commercial Ghanaian film drama. More on the volume on the publisher’s website.