Das Blut an meinen Händen

Das Blut an meinen HändenAfter quite a pause the Kunstraum: Morgenstraße went into action again and curated an exhibition for the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg. We chose to do a themed show, discussing the idea of how people, things, or other people’s work are employed as means to an end within contemporary art. This was the Kunstverein’s last show before they relocated, and we were able to produce two rather large-scale on-site projects: Habib Asal did a great wall piece by re-inscribing the first thousand-or-so entries from artfacts.net into an artistic work (process), and Alexander Basile used the Kunstverein’s floor for a piece that referred to a performance he had done for our show at the Badischer Kunstverein in 2012. How does a text-and-photo installation properly replicate a site-specific performance elsewhere? Well, this was what the work was about, actually. Other pieces exhibited came from Karlsruhe artist Björn Braun, and from Cai Juan & JJ Xi, Teresa Margolles, Santiago Sierra, Goran Trbuljak & Artur Zmijewski. The Kunstverein produced a small booklet, and we were one of art magazin‘s recommended shows of the week!