five in a row @ deuxpiece Basel

Deuxpiece, an art space in Basel, invited us to do a project, and we arrived on the 2nd of June with a “five in a row” programme ready – a format we had already tried out in Karlsruhe three times before. For Basel, we brought a mix of very different genres and exhibition types, from performance to classical white cube. The evening started with a joint exhibition by Rodrigo Hernandez and Maika Hassanbeik – two takes on formal reduction. Then, Alexander Basile arrived, via bike from Cologne (or not), and presented the audience with a presentation of his trip (or not) – “photography is at best a well-meant illusion”. Third in the row was Brad Alexander with an exhibition including several sound objects and himself, sitting at a table and painting – or writing – slides for a projector in front of him. A quite exemplary white cube show followed with a sculpture and a drawing by Henry Staschik, and the show finally ended by turning the space into a black box (and into white again) for Matt Calderwood’s video “Strips (vertical)”.