five in a row III

Food ChainAbout one year after the first one, we held a third five in a row at the Kunstraum: Morgenstraße. The evening opened with a performance by Felix Grünschloß, who had invited five Zen students to hold a meditation session in the Kunstraum. With their faces towards the gallery wall, the Buddhists were on one hand subjected to the gaze of the visitors, and on the other hand somehow protected from the “spectacle” of the art show opening on which they had turned their back on. For the next show under the title “you are invited”, we asked three artists from the Art Academy to not only show a work of their own, but to also invite one more artist each – the resulting “group show” covered all possible genres from painting to a very ephemeral site-specific performance/installation. At nine, we had a introspective installation and drawings by Sebastian Winkler, which was followed by a show of five photographs by Frederik Busch – portraits of bouncers, larger than life and uncannily corresponding with the evening’s first event. The final show was a performance and installation by Nele Gräber & Julia Sinner, which in the end dissolved into a quite nutritious social sculpture.

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