“Es gibt keinen sicheren Ort, nirgends”

The corresponding exhibition to “Touching the Void” opened one day later in Mannheim – here, we showed works by eight artists which in one way or the other dealt with the image as a space, and the transfers and transgressions between dimensions. Gregor Gleiwitz‘ and Enrico Bach’s oil paintings┬á created space within – or beyond? – the canvas; Markus Zimmermann‘s objects where takes on both the minimalist tradition and a negative construction of space, while Chul-Hyun Ahn merges minimal aesthetics with the illusionist approach of op-art. Matt Calderwood and Annabel Lange take on the white cube itself with poetic and humorous twists, and Joe Merrell presents us with the city as a graphic, while simultaneously supercharging both the temporal and three-dimensional experience of a nightly promenade. Finally, the piece by Andreas Lorenschat shows us that the creation of an imaginary space cannot solely rely on objects, but also on words, and memories.

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