“Touching the Void”

For 2010/11, the Kunstbüro Baden-Württemberg (a state foundation for the arts) has set up an interesting exchange programme for regional art spaces – over a dozen artist initiatives and independent exhibition spaces have been invited to choose a partner and produce a show in their space – with friendly support from the Kunstbüro. While the Kunstraum: Morgenstraße was visited by the great people from CoCAO in March, our partner was zeitraumexit in Mannheim, were we realized a exhibition on the spatiality of images. The show in Mannheim had a counterpart in Karlsruhe, where we juxtaposed works by Enrico Bach and Dennis Feddersen; Enrico’s paintings, which evoke a both painterly and illusionist spatiality within the boundaries of the canvas, stand in contrast to the installation by Dennis – a three-dimensional snapshot of matter breaking and expanding, which, with its black shapes and lines, might just as well be a spatial rendition of weird scientific diagram.

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