The Daniel Libeskind Research Studio

In 1999-2003, Daniel Libeskind held seminars at the HfG Karlsruhe. While the seminars were labeled as “Architecture”, they were actually on learning how to initiate and execute a project; on finding out what you want to do, and finding the best way how to do it. Also, these were very good seminars. Andreas Voigt, Libeskind’s assistant – and, later, guest professor at the HfG – plus several veterans from the seminars have published a book on the Libeskind years. It’s 300 pages in color, showing 40 projects by students, and brilliantly designed by Sahar Aharoni and Adrian Krell. There are a couple of pages on my own project Fear of Machines, and I was even allowed to write one of the forewords. You can buy the book in the ZKM Bookshop.

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